Making a Hurricane Insurance Claim Count

Making a Hurricane Insurance Claim Count

Jun 07

It seems that of recent history there have been quite a few devastating hurricanes to hit the US. A study by hurricane researcher and director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, Michael Mann, together with colleagues and in tandem with the people at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution appear to indicate that the intensity and frequency of hurricanes recently making landfall is unprecedented compared with up to a thousand years ago. More and more people all over the US find themselves engaged in the battle called the hurricane insurance claim.

It is no wonder. Insurance companies must be at their wit’s end trying to figure out how to get out of each hurricane insurance claim made to them in recent years; the payouts certainly mount up. In Texas alone, 5 hurricanes hit between 2003 and 2008. Hurricane Ike, which hit Texas, Louisiana and Massachusetts in 2008 caused damages to homes, businesses and infrastructures in excess of $27 Billion. A Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale (SSHS) category 3 hurricane named Rita hit Texas and Louisiana in 2005, cost the two states and its residents nearly $12 Billion in property and other damages. The mother of all hurricanes to date to make landfall in the US, of course, is Hurricane Katrina which devastated Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Southeastern Florida in 2005 as well, leaving 1,200 people dead and racking up damages of more $105 Billion.

The underwriters for homeowners’ insurance depend on the ignorance of policy holders to short-change them, even if the policy clearly includes payouts for a hurricane insurance claim. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to property caused by a hurricane except for flood damage, but states with a high risk of hurricane damage are more likely to require special coverage or high deductibles. Even then, it can be difficult to make a hurricane insurance claim. To make a hurricane insurance claim count the first time, retain the services of an experienced hurricane insurance claim lawyer in your state when the need arises. That way you can save yourself the stress and trouble of having your claim denied unjustifiably, or be fobbed off with an inadequate payout.

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