Fill in those Spaces Left by Missing Teeth through Dental Bridges

Fill in those Spaces Left by Missing Teeth through Dental Bridges

Jun 15

Healthy gums and clean white teeth for a better look, greater smile and greater confidence! Dental health is what more and more Americans are really getting conscious about, leading them to seek and require more than just the traditional services from dental professionals. Because of dental health too, a greater number of American kids are being trained to consume less sugary treats and drinks, a great concern to manufacturers of sweet foods as these kids’ number only continue to increase.

How healthy your gums and teeth are is the result of how you cared for them in the past while maintaining their health requires keeping to daily routines of brushing and eating teeth-whitening food plus regular consultation with your dentist. But what with regard to those whose gums and teeth are not so healthy and pearly-white? This is where a cosmetic dentist can help you as turning your teeth to clean white, which is one of the many services he or she can render, is his or her expertise.

Cosmetic dentistry is dental work aimed at improving the appearance of you gums and teeth. Procedures included in this area of dentistry include:

  • Making teeth whiter through bleaching
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Addition of dental materials to teeth or gums, such as porcelain veneers, gum grafts or crowns
  • Reshaping of teeth which do not match the others
  • Removal of tooth structure or gums like in enameloplasty and gingivectomy
  • Closing of gaps between teeth

Another procedure most beneficial to those with missing teeth is dental bridges – these are actually false teeth that are fused between a couple of porcelain crowns, filling in toothless area. Also known as pontics, dental bridges are used to replace missing tooth / teeth. Dental bridges also help lessen threats of gum disease and improve speech. These can last ten years or more, depending on the care given to them.

If you need cosmetic dental treatment, make sure that you go to an expert on cosmetic dentistry. Many who claim to be experts actually perform shoddy works that only need to be corrected later on. Check cosmetic dentist’s works and ask their patients who they have already treated – extra acts of care for a satisfying complex and sensitive procedure.


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