Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security Disability Claims

Nov 07

Most people often give up when they receive notice that their disability benefit claim has been denied after their application. A denial of benefits claim does not necessarily mean you are not qualified – although statistics vary from state to state, say from San Antonio Texas to Kansas Missouri – generally 7 out of 10 applications are denied due to a variety of reasons. Fortunately, you can always appeal your case once they have been denied.

After receiving are denied disability benefits claim, it would be advisable, even by many lawyers, to ask for an appeal immediately. It may be necessary to appear before an Administrative Law Judge in a disability hearing, although they don’t usually happen until a year or two after the first application. Appealing for your disability case can be done online or in person through a request for appeal form. Remember that you can only appeal your case within 60 days after you have received the “denied” notice.

Because reapplying can only result to being denied again (possibly because of the same reasons as the first application), appealing your case reaps better results and possibly be given benefits. In order to have your case approved upon an appeal, make sure to know the reason why your first application was denied. This will give you insight on how to properly file and proceed. Then, make sure to inform your lawyer or the Social Security Office about your appeal.

Initial letters from the Social Security may be positive, but most Social Security disability claims are often denied, therefore it is common to hear these cases being appealed. Appealing for one or more times may be inevitable. It may be time-consuming and needs more effort and patience that you seem to handle, but getting a disability benefit is all worth it.